How Often To Train!

The age old question – How many days a week should I be working out?

This question isn’t as black and white as one would hope. There are many variables at play, such as what type of exercise (weight training vs. cardio), how heavy you’re lifting, what type of cardio, how quickly you recover, and the list goes on.

This summer I caught myself over training. I was weight training 4-6 days a week, and doing cardio 2-4. I became very sluggish, fatigued, and felt flat. I have been watching fitness YouTubers for years, and owe some of what I know to them, but how come they can train 5-6 days a week and seem fine? What was I doing wrong? How could I feel “fuller” and make constant strength gains in the gym? After doing some research, and more research, I came across a new “ideology” surrounding training. It’s based around the concept of only strength training (weight training) 3 days a week. I gave it a shot, and was absolutely baffled. I started feeling fuller, less fatigued and stronger. The program I started (and am still following) is based around the idea of performing major lifts very heavy, and to essentially failure (though it does incorporate higher reps for more compound exercises). I immediately started feeling stronger, and have started to really push myself. I’ve been super satisfied with my strength gains. Only working out 3 days a week ( with at least 1 day rest between workouts) has allowed me to enter the gym with more muscle energy, and less fatigue. The concept of less training for more results seemed backwards to me at first, but after trying it for myself, it became clear to me. Giving your body time to recover allows you to exert more energy the next time you’re in the gym, it’s brilliant. You may be wondering about cardio. “Braedon, weight training is great, but what about cardio?!” My advice for cardio is to do low intensity training (i.e high incline walking on treadmill) roughly 2 times a week. This type of cardio does not seem to fatigue my body the way high intensity does, allowing me to still weight train with maximum energy levels.

So you could try weight training 3 days a week ( with at least 1 days rest in between), and if you’re looking for more; add in 2-3 days of low intensity cardio.

If you think you’re over training, my method could be worth a shot!

One thought on “How Often To Train!

  1. That’s a great way to start out until your energy levels build up. A lot of people who train 5-6 days a week have been training for a longer period of time and there body can take a little more. I work out about 6 days a week, but when I first started out I was consistently working out 3 days a week. Most important thing is to listen to your body. Glad you found a regimen that works for you! 👍

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